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We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. Home Contact us Help Free delivery worldwide. Free delivery worldwide. Bestselling Series. Harry Potter. Far from being spontaneous, this image is the product of a carefully planned process. This article examines how this image was created and projected through the various media used by the party for its inward and outward communication memos, conference speeches, party political broadcasts, etc.

It also reflects on whether this image was coherent or at odds with the political agenda of the Conservative Party under John Major. The general election victory gave him that opportunity. The manifesto that was then published included key Thatcherite tenets 4 : low taxation so as to encourage private enterprise, low inflation, privatisation, deregulation, opposition to socialism, right to own, law and order, etc.

The speech that John Major delivered at the Adam Smith Institute two months after the Conservative entitled The Next Phase of Conservatism : The Privatisation of Choice and took up the themes of shareholding, property owning, private pensions, etc. This is equally valid as far as iconography is concerned. This presents him as the legitimate tenant of Downing Street and gives a solemn tone to his speech. His references to home ownership, share owning, savings and small businesses echo some of the major tenets of Thatcherism.

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Both issues are addressed with the same argument :. Once broken the United Kingdom will never be the same again. So, two threats : a British parliament weakened at home and weakened abroad, two irrevocable changes [ In other areas the new leader even managed to push through some legislation that had to be abandoned in the preceding decade. The National Economic Development Council that Nigel Lawson had intended to shut down back in was abolished in June 14 and the privatisation of British Rail was set on track with the Railways Act That we need a strong and stable economy in which the wealth that is created is owned more widely,.

And that we work, not for short-term gain, but for the long-term good of the nation as a whole In the outgoing Prime Minister even put forward the idea that the fruits of economic growth were to be equally shared between the members of the national community, as he promised :.

But what will we do with it? Let me tell you. In the next five years, I intend to help bring the have-nots into the golden circle of the haves. The campaign already mirrored this approach as it combined two complementary messages. The first one aimed at hammering home the idea that a Labour government would mean higher taxes.

On the one hand, the party might seem to be turning its back on some major aspects of Thatcherism and admitting market laws had failed to produce better social services.

Major Companies of Europe 1992-93

This can only be understood in the light of the context of the time. The Conservative Party was largely seen as the party of economic competence, low taxation, low inflation, law and order, etc. Labour were admittedly credited for genuinely making a priority of fighting against unemployment and for truly seeking to guarantee welfare provision. But their proposals would always be overshadowed by the suspicion that this would result in much higher taxes and in a risk of economic recession In parallel, New Labour as it was being reshaped by Tony Blair and Gordon Brown from onwards now offered a trustworthy alternative, even as far as running the economy was concerned.

They could therefore target the middle classes that had suffered from the economic crisis and the successive tax rises that had followed On the other hand, with the end of the Cold War, national security ceased to be a major electoral issue contrary to what it had been during the campaign. The splits over Europe even led to the defection of several senior members Lord McAlpine, party treasurer from to ; Alan Walters, former economic adviser to Margaret Thatcher to the Referendum Party. He won against the Eurosceptic John Redwood but nevertheless found himself at the head of a party that had trouble defining its own identity.

John Major always enjoyed better opinion poll ratings than his own party.

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And once Prime Minister he hired playwright Ronald Millar, who had also collaborated with the Iron Lady, as a speechwriter It is meant to synthesize two sides of his personality. The first one concerns his political role : he is shown as a competent, experienced and respected head of government. During the campaign, the Conservative leader made a series of public appearances in which he stood on a soapbox with a microphone and addressed the crowd that gathered around him.

Jonathan Hill, who followed him during this campaign, deemed this brought the best out of him as a candidate :. What was clear, very quickly to me, was that, given that he was known as being a grey and not very articulate man, our campaign was thought to be boring, and this was a fair criticism.

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The only time he came to life was when he was with people, when he had people heckling, shouting at him, pushing, when it was all a bit on the edge. And he liked that. Harry Potter.

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Popular Features. New Releases. Description A combined reference set on the large- and medium-sized companies of Western Europe. Whereas "Major Companies of Europe" provides data on the largest 8, companies throughout Western Europe, "Medium Companies of Europe" provides similar information for the medium-sized companies, of which approximately 7, are detailed in the three volumes.

The same data structure is given for each medium-size company as for each major company, that is: name, address, phone, fax, telex, name of the chairman or president, names of each of the board members, names and job titles of senior management; principal activities of the company, principal brand names and trademarks, principal subsidearies and associated compcnies, bankers, number of employees, financial information for past two years of principal shareholders.

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