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Pages Karsaklian, Eliane et al. Sustainable or Conventional?

Pages Donvito, Raffaele et al. Pages Muravskii, Daniil et al.

Looking Back Into the Future

Not Quite Playing the Game? Risky Business?

Pages Vos, Svetlana de et al. Me or Not me? What do Consumers See when they Look at Displays?

Pages Low, David R. Pages Chao, Chih-Wei et al. Pages Brewer, Lauren M. Pages Rose, Mei et al.

Akira: Looking back at the future | Deep reads from The Japan Times

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GDPR, like its cousins, not only brings new rights to individuals, and new requirements to businesses, and technical processes that organizations must recognize and adhere to, it also brings quite a sizable fine if its requirements are not met. It is important to study the details of every regulation, to understand whom they apply to, how they apply, the requirements that must be met to adhere to them, and the timings that must be recognized when an individual files a complaint.

For example, the thresholds to determine if a company must adhere to a regulation vary. The GDPR applies to any company with operations in the EU or to those processing personal data of European citizens or those that monitor the behavior of European citizens. As for how much time an organization has to comply when an individual enacts their rights, verbally or in writing, the timing may vary from a matter of days, months, or a year. The requirements may be different for each right and each regulation.

One detail to pay special attention to when evaluating a regulation is that a regulation today may carry with it substantial fines.

A Year of GDPR: Looking Back & To The Future

The IAPP n. Prosperity is on the horizon. Looking at country-level GDP is not the only metric to consider when thinking about the value that can be generated by giving people control of their data. The movie, which hit domestic cinemas in July , inspired a generation of creators in Japan and helped jump-start an appreciation of anime in the West.

It was created by Katsuhiro Otomo, a native of Tome, Miyagi Prefecture, who made his debut as a manga writer and illustrator in This encounter activates a latent power within Tetsuo: a power dangerously close to that once wielded by Akira, a child who, rumor has it, had something to do with the destruction of the city and start of World War III. In reality, putting together the most expensive anime film ever made was considerably more difficult than than he made it sound.

The practice of dividing budget and risk in anime productions via so-called production committees is now standard throughout the anime industry. The manga author, who had directed only two animated shorts before helming the film, served as its director and co-screenwriter, and all aspects of the production flowed through him. The production of the film brought together some of the most talented animators in the business, including Koji Morimoto, Hiroyuki Okiura, Toshiyuki Inoue and Takashi Nakamura — names that still activate the salivary glands of many anime fans today.


The massive budget afforded the crew luxuries rarely used in the history of Japanese animation, including pre-recorded voice acting for syllable-perfect lip synchronization, the early use of basic computer-generated imagery and, most importantly, a massive frame count that gave the film a fluidity that was anything but limited. Lots of dedication. However, praise for the film was not universal. The Asahi Shimbun quoted audiences emerging from theaters who complained that the story was hard to follow.

Despite having worked on the film herself, Tomita was able to relate. However, I had no idea what was going on in the story at the end.