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No matter where he went, by far more famous magicians would fawn over him like star-struck groupies basking in the presence of this great entertainer hoping to see firsthand his prowess with a deck of cards. Professional magicians referred to Br. Hamman as the "Magical Marianist.

In , Br. Magicians everywhere aspire to perform on its fabled stage. Extremely few of them are recognized for their accomplishments as Br. Hamman was the first living magician to be honored with the first St. Louis Magical Heritage Awards.

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Since then, it's become a "Hall of Fame" for local magicians. In his acceptance speech, Br. Hamman explained the key to a successful magic performance:.

The object of magic is misdirection. Audiences are more apt to believe what they hear than what they see, and intelligent people are the easiest to fool because they don't expect me to use some childish gimmick to deceive them. On the other hand, children are hard to fool, because they watch closely and don't listen. His first major publication was The Card Magic of Bro. John Hamman S. In his foreword, LePaul wrote:.

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His manner is so disarming, and so casual, and his magic is so frustrating Figuratively, he leads you down the garden path, until he gets you into exactly the spot he wants, and then he turns on the sprinkler. It's amazing to think such a holy man of God could be capable of such entertaining deviousness and charming subterfuge.

Hamman was also a skilled Gospel Magician. He frequently used his magic to teach some important aspect of Catholic catechism to his students. It could be asked, what made Br. Hamman a "Magician's Magician.


It's because he understood what magic did in the mind of his audiences. Here's a view into the mind of a world-class performer from the Foreword of one of his books entitled, The Secrets of Brother John Hamman :.

I have collected here those tricks and notions that I like, and audiences too. Some of my past material is included here, and some not, because I fell it is now dated or less effective. But what is here comprises a sweep of effects, magical, visual, and entertaining that should give you value for your efforts.

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Learn them in such a way that you understand them, why the effect is accomplished, not just how. Magic is in the mind of the spectator - not in your fingers. If you understand what the flimflam is doing to the spectator's imagination, you will magically entertain him. So study the scams that fit your personality, don't just memorize them. They work for me because they are me. Have fun. Hamman's magic:. His tricks are pure magic, his psychology cunning and his methods artistic.

These elements multiply geometrically to create delightful entertainment and sweet mystery that is far greater than the pieces that go into the creation of the puzzle.

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Hamman was born in St. He had an older brother and a younger sister. He and his siblings were educated by the Loretto Sisters St. Luke Elementary School and St. Joseph Sisters St. Another Twisting the Aces style effects. Brother John Hamman is one of the best to come up with little strange counts i. The Hamman Count' strange but cool Got 2 Left Feet? Learning to dance is one of the best things you will ever do. Its fun,social, good excercise and relieves stress.

Anyone can learn to dance, as the A wonderful effect by Bro. Una espectacular rutina de magia con cartas de nuestro profesor. Escribe a conctacto cimart. Welcome to my Dance School. I offer group and private tuition in Ballroom, Latin and Social Dancing for all ages and levels from my venues in Newlands and This is a classic Card trick by Bro. John Hamman - Aka. He truly was one of the greats a Brother John Hamman video Allan Ackerman teaches Brother John Hamman classics volumes 1 and 2 available now in stores and online at www.

But asking in a public space like YT comments, or asking when you see a live performance that isn't like, a gathering of magicians or similar situation is tacky in my opinion. Personally I avoid doing what I see other people performing for the most part, unless I can make it unique my own. I particular avoid anything that's either very unique, or done by a lot of people.

If you do a routine that's seen as someone's signature routine, you'll just be thought of as a copy. If you do something that a large number of people are performing, you'll be thought of as generic. Lord Magic likes this.

The handling I use is in Card College Volume 2. If you get the book, I'd be glad to help you fine tune the move. Lord Magic and Maaz Hasan like this. ParkinT likes this. Again, if you're polite about it, it's not unethical to request information. It's a good idea to be familiar with the person, though. For those that take their performances seriously, the question, "Where did you learn that?